All or Nuthin’ Sucks!

Ok, so maybe I got your attention with the title because you feel the same way or maybe you just wanna know why it’s true. I’ve done the grueling and unenjoyable workouts, macro counting and dreaded weighing or measuring of foods. That’s what I consider to be the ‘all’ and I can tell you from experience that it sucks because it’s highly limiting and not conducive to an enjoyable lifestyle! The other end of that spectrum is ‘nuthin’ and it sucks because it doesn’t help you reach your fitness goals and feel fabulous! The awesome news is that small and consistent changes to your lifestyle will help you reach your goal and give you that aforementioned fabulous feeling. Move everyday, however you enjoy, because you can. Eat more colourful, fibrous and nutrient dense foods. Eat less refined, rich and indulgent foods. Of course more detail must be added to this plan for it to be highly effective and sustainable but it’s a good start. The biggest takeaway from this post is the acceptance of the title, “All or Nuthin’ Sucks!”

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