Stop Wishing, Start Wanting

I’m reminded of the song from my kindergarten play, “When You Wish Upon A Star” where the fairy Godmother (played by me) lied to us all! It’s fun to wish and dream but it isn’t enough to change your appearance or the way you feel. By all means, let the wish inspire and empower you to develop a clear and specific want. That want is your goal and the steps necessary to achieve it is your plan. Be real about what you’re willing to do and start small so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or burdened. Take the stairs and add colourful veggies to your plate. Replace sugar sweetened beverages with water and sleep in a dark and comfy room. Get some help if you don’t know the steps or would feel comforted by support and accountability. The necessary changes to your lifestyle are fairly easy to implement and build upon but the results that you will enjoy as a result of them are completely life-altering!

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